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Meeting 3800                           Monday 26 July 2021                                  2021/22 -03
Guests:  Helen Sparrow - Portland Bay
Make Ups:
Guest Speaker:  Anita Rank, Mayor of Glenelg Shire 
  • Annual dues invoices have gone out, please pay ASAP, If paying six monthly then first half  due by July 31
  • SayNo2familyviolence footy round August 14th, is coming up and PP Tony South needs names of members to be at the gates. There are four grounds both rotary clubs need to cover. The committee meet last night and are set to go, just need confirmed names from members.
  • SWFNL have asked us to man the gates at the finals.  Instructions will be given for scanning tickets as it will be all online this year.  
  • School lunches cancelled this month due to lock down. 
Guest Speaker
This week we are in zoom mode, with our guest speaker Mayor of Glenelg Shire Counsellor Anita Rank.
How has the Shire coped with impact of covid?  Anita thinks we are no different from other shires in that we had to be aware of and care for the elderly in our community, the younger members and the lower socio-economic group. 
Small business owners, and accommodation have felt the decrease in income.  Other businesses have become very inventive with the challenge, being creative in how they continue their business.  Takeaway meals have  become very popular with the locals, with hotels still offering this in non lock down times.    The council assisted with grants for shopfront face lifts, the heritage grants are having a lot of applications. There are now outdoor dinning areas being created which will help all year round. 
Border crossing are an issue that council have no say over, the 70k bubble was welcomed as it still meant people could continue with work.  The new 40k bubble is having an impact on people in the shire. 
Although we have spent the last 12 months in on and off lock down the council has been able to press ahead with infrastructure upgrades - The All Ability Playground, Upgrades to sporting grounds with better facilities for players, pump parks, wifi happening on the foreshore, the new jetty is taking shape and the Bridgewater up grade is going ahead. 
Funding for the key freight roads into Portland is happening this has been a 5 year campaign. The Pandemic highlighted councils role - maintain and improve services .
The council has a good working relationship with the state and federal governments which can be seen in those extra grants Glenelg has received, these grants paid at a 1:3 which works well. 
Like all areas our housing is on the move, with houses selling before getting on the market, making rentals difficult, new subdividsons are selling fast, Anita feels that our infrastructure will keep up with the progress. The council will next be looking at water rights.
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