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Meeting 3804  on 16/08/2021

Reminder to pay your dues by the end of the month, you can use the EFTPOS at meetings if it makes it easier. The account is at Bendigo Bank.
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Bulletin 16/08
Guests: Naomi Pye,
Guest Speaker: Mike Risk
  • Reminder to pay your dues by the end of the month, you can use the EFPOST at meetings if it makes it easier. The account is at Bendigo Bank.
  • Richard is having problems with the attendance phone – it was new, purchased last year. 
  • Pres Kym is completing the Club Health Check before DG John Clues visiting next month.
  • Don’t forget to send your volunteer hours for July to Veryan NOW or use below QR code below to enter your hours directly in Clubrunner
  • Rtn Owen – South West footy finals are coming up and we are doing the gates – Sept 4th-11th keep those weekends free.     
    •  R. U. OK tradies breakfast coming up on Sept 9th
    • The van is booked for a BBQ with Winda Mara
    • There are signs to be erected at Picnic Hill
  • Richard – School lunches Tuesday 24th @ Soccer Rooms
  • Tammy - introduced an idea to the club of assisting with workshops for women to learn to use power tools, working on little projects for the community garden.
Speakers for the night
PP John Pye Mini Safari
John gave us the background on how the mini safari for our district exchange students. There is more to it than just the BBQ at the fauna park that we see. Needing to liaise with rotary clubs in Mt Gambier, Port Fairy and Warrnambool, host families from both Portland clubs and everything is weather depended. Covid has just added another layer. The itinerary for the days has to be planed – flexible, transport to the different sites, props (boggy boards), food & drink, organizing host families for pickups/drop-offs. We are lucky to have the surf club – volleyball, surfing, the local council – mayor & CEO, information centre – the whale, John Pye – his boat / big tyre and the fantastic Jones’s Coachline for transport / local knowledge /food.

Mike Risk Point Danger Gannet Colony
The interest in the Point Danger Gannet Colony has grown over the last 2-3 years, with “hardcore birders” coming from all over Australia to see the birds that appear on Portland’s Facebook pages. Mike works at the Information Centre and has volunteered at the Gannet Colony over the last six years, usually after he has finished work. The tourist will come to the colony at whatever time they know the gate will be open. The road to the colony is mainly sealed and only 10mins from the town centre, it is the only mainland gannet colony in Australia, in reality, it is an extension of the colony on Lawrence Rock. It is protected by a large fence to keep domestic dogs out and slow down people. Volunteers open the gate and tell the story of the gannet and colony. Gannets live for an average age of 25yrs, they have 1 chick per year and return to their nest each year. Mike is here to encourage us to become that “Someone” at the gate to meet the tourist, talk about gannets and sell Portland as you take the people into the colony along the path to the electric fence – that is what keeps the people out. He would provide information about the colony and gannets to volunteers. A schedule could be made up from volunteers so that the colony could be open 3 to 4 times for an hour a week for visitors. The gannets are at Point Danger because of the smelter and their program “Smelter in the Park” how industry and nature can live together in harmony. This model has been copied around the world.
Contact Mike at the Information Centre or
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