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Meeting 3802 on 02/08/2021

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Bulletin 02/08
It was a very interesting and productive meeting. Discussed the service projects that the Rotary Portland performs locally. The objective was to review the project with three criteria in mind;
1) What is the value to the community of our service?
2) What is the opportunity for Rotary self-promotion while performing the service?
3) What is the effort level? Physical exertion/ organizational effort. ( High, medium, low)

Projects List
1) Seaview House lawn maintenance.
This service saves the entity $3K per year, we need to wear a Rotary vest and put out the “ Rotarians at Work” boards.

2) Track maintenance at Cape Nelson walks.
Value to DWELP is unknown, possibly several thousand dollars if paid contractors were engaged. We need to erect a new sign at the car park of the Seacliff walk outlining that our club is maintaining the walk/ Rotary signs are often overlooked or not understood. This is moderate level physical exertion if many members attend the working bees.

3) School Lunch Sandwich program.
We agreed that this is an important project. The value is hard to measure ( say $4 per sandwich / but the student performance effect is not understood). The promotion of Rotary has been effective via Tammy’s excellent video interviewing Terry Hallett. Physical effort low/ organizational effort moderate.

4) Back yard Blitz projects.
a) Done on referral for the needy/ infirmed
b) As a fundraiser ( as per Uniting Way Shark Pitch for example)
Value to the community; as per agreed price for fundraiser events/self-promotion again via Tammy’s videos on FaceBook/YouTube. Exertion level; moderate, but many expressed enjoying the social aspect of working together (is this a lockdown effect???)

5) BBQ trailer events.
 Value some are done as community service at no fee/ others are fundraisers. Efforts is high: Here is the issue. How do we avoid burnout in the busy October to March period? More participation by a broader number of members?

6) Portland Community Garden.
We have 2 plots + we have assisted Wayne with construction jobs such as the netting project. Value: social benefit in meeting club members for social gardening and other nonRotarians ( influencing opportunity). Potential for using their facilities/ labour in our Bee Project? Promotion of Rotary is being achieved via Wayne’s newsletters and Face Book page.
Effort level: moderate when hanging netting in the wind!

7) Projects done in the Rotary Storage shed.
Example: Christmas trees construction.Value to community; lifting the spirit during Covid. Promotion on Face Book worked. Effort
level: high.
8) Footy Gates during final series.
Value; providing a trusted service to community and good fundraiser.Promotional opportunity: chance to associate Rotary and Say No 2 FV.
Effort: low physically/ organizational effort moderate

9) Art Show
Value: social event of the year for the community and fundraiser
Promotional opportunity: high
Effort: High organizationally and setup/ tear down phases.
10) Beats Cycle for Hope
Value: Good philanthropic program for those in need/ well supported by community.
Promotional opportunity: via Tammy’s videos and signage at event.
Effort: Organizational moderate to high for Rotary. ( FOR involved)
11) Say No to Family Violence
Value to community: high / seen as must be addressed issue
Promotional opportunity: high especially on toilet door sticker s/ captive audience.
Effort: Organizational high/ high re stickers on doors throughout Shire/ August 14 events at
footy venues.

12) Bowel Scan
Value is high, but we we need to promote the differences to the government program. i.e. over 40 should be checking annually to save a life and our kits are 20 times more sensitive. That could be promotional opportunity. Can we do a thank you to the pharmacists via letter and via Face Book. Effort: high with distribution and collection within Sh
13) Uniting Way Shark Pitch.
possibly not again unless we have a pet project involved

14) Cooking at the Drag Races
Value: fund raiser only
Promotional: poor opportunity
Effort Level: high ( busy as a one-armed hamburger maker)
Other items of interest  Roatrians talked about at meeting 
1) Possiblility of assisting at the gannet colony. 
2) Working bee in next weeks at Jone’s to finish off clean up/ firewood.
3) Nelson Park drainage project: Tom Doherty will call for assistance when needed via TonySouth
4) Picnic Hill signs to be erected; when Covid limitations by the government are eased.
5) Dayle King and Owen to look into OH&S issue with lifting panels on BBQ trailer: gas struts needed.
6) Account number for fees to be cleared up.
7) New member Rachael Brough mentioned by Peter G. Kym to advise Board of her CV and call for approval to circulate her name/ CV to members ( done via email). I think we jumped the gun a bit on circulating her name/ CV to members. Next if we have no objections to deal with is to have a chat with Rachael.
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