Members update
President Kym
  • Club has received a district grant of $1000 towards the Trishaw Project
  • There is no issue regarding the bank account details. Carolyn has clarified with the bank.
  • Received BBQ request from Committee of portland for 9th September at 7 a.m. organised for the wellbeing gathering of Tradies and truckies.
Carolyn's update on SNFV
  •  Due to lockdown, plans for the weekend is now cancelled at the football club.
  • Sharing posts on social media like Instagram, Twitter will boost the program.
  • League presentation is happening on the 23rd and 24th of August. SNFV members are keen to attend the program and do some promotions.
  • Thank you Seaview Real estate and Kyeema support services for their support.
 2 vests are in the shed if you are looking for one wear them when working as bees ;)
  • Apologies for sending the email without an attachment.
  • Sending Volunteer hours, Attendance reports, etc ., one week before the board meeting would be appreciated (the board meeting is on 24th August)
Guest Speaker: Supriya Urs 
Introduction to club runner :
Supriya showed us how to access club runner and a few basic functionalities.
The first thing to do as a club member is to login into the account. username is standard for everyone i.e., Firstname.Lastname.1961
You can reset your password if you do not have one.
Send emails,see bulletin's,club speaker informations, Your meeting responsibilities,club directories, add volunteer hours,attendance info,club documents  everything in one platform.
Also you can download the club runner app on your phone to access information on your fingertip.
Just login and play around all menu/submenu. You will not mess up any information present.
Meeting Responsibilities
ChairmanCarolyn MillardBrain McCabeKym Stock
CashierJohn PyeRak UrsWayne Barrett
RegaliaTony SouthTammy WhiteheadJim Bryden
FellowshipRichard De KoningPeter TaylorDon Errey
Behind the Badge   
SeargentDarren JacobsonBob HampshireBrain Murphy