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  • Board meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm.                          
  • Thank you to Dayle for organising reports for the board meeting.
  • Thank you to Supriya for Bulletin.
4 drawer filing cabinet, wooden cupboard and 2 part sink available at the shed. If anyone is interested please contact Brain.
Peter G:
The proposal received from shire for another BBQ, passed on to Tony.
Wayne is doing well. He is receiving the call at this moment. If anyone wants to call him please call at 0429305530 during the morning.
Megan is there with him all day. Lynne has sold the camper trailer. Rotary is welcome to use the fridge, free-standing burner and BBQ.

Guest Speaker - Peter Gracies - Membership development

A membership survey was conducted a few months back, based on that the main focus will be on club diversity by attracting younger members, women members, focusing more on Public image.
Click below link for the complete presentation document
Targeted approach on social media by posting promo videos every week.
A possible option to engage the younger generation with their busy life schedule is to change the meeting format and by adapting hybrid meetings.
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