In 2018, Rotary club of Portland heard about a local service winding up that provided a key support activity to students who come to school hungry or not having lunch, which affects a childs ability to concentrate, and focus.
Collaboration shows we can do more together if we work together.
Banding together with a happy group of helpers, the Rotary school lunch program makes over 2000 sandwiches each year.
Collaborating with donations from Woolworths in Portland who donate bread , and fillings, members of the Rotary club of Portland, with Friends of Rotary, and TAFE or school helpers support, the Rotary sandwich committee meet once per month, to make sandwiches which can be frozen, are then bagged and labelled for distribution across the Glenelg shire schools.
Wellbeing workers within each school are the contact people for students, who are hungry, or have come to school without lunch, in order to access the pre-made sandwiches.
Students in the Shire go without lunch for various reasons - it is hard to learn effectively if you are hungry.
When the local "Loaves and Fishes" project was wound up, the Rotary Club of Portland was entrusted with using the residual funds wisely. 
With the assistance of drivers from the Portland Aged Care facility, BUPA, who take residents for a drive, and at the same time, the sandwiches are delivered  the much needed foods to the different schools each month.
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