Andrew Jack Memorial Agricultural Scholarships
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Tertiary Scholarships
Each year, a small number of scholarships will be available for students, including mature age students, planning to commence a recognised tertiary study in an Agricultural discipline. The value of the scholarships will be up to $8,000 per student per year.
Please see this Information Sheet for details.
Applications are to be submitted using this form by the end of the 3rd week in January.
Andrew Jack Personal Profile
Please see this document for details of the life of Andrew Jack and his legacy to charitable projects.
2024 Recipients (Congratulations!)
Phoebe Rudge
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Vet. Science) - Deakin Uni.
"I have lived in in rural Southwest Victoria all my life and have been hoping to study Veterinary science for the past couple of years. I am passionate about animal welfare and love the idea that this degree is internationally accredited and could take me anywhere. From my perspective, The Australian community, for the most part, takes good care of animals, however, this is not the case in many countries around the world. I hope to make a difference in animal welfare in Australia and abroad.".
Caroline Ciechowicz
Bachelor of Science (Environmental) - Melbourne Uni.
"For years now I have had a passion for environmental science. I have always wanted to make some form of positive contribution to the world, in whatever way. I think that as humans, we are best able to do that when we are good at something, passionate about it, and there is a need somewhere in the world for it. With environmental science, it is a particularly global – and rather urgent – need.
I thank everyone on the Rotary team greatly for the opportunity that this scholarship provides."
2023 Recipients
Cara Williamson
Cert III in Agriculture.
June 2023 Update:   "My first term in RIST (Rural Industries Skill Training) has filled my cup.  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to participate in studies this year".
Jessica Rhook
Cert III in Agriculture.
Feb 2024 Update:   "The certificate III in ag has been highly beneficial for my employment. I am very enthusiastic in continuing further study after completion in July. I am very grateful for the scholarship to allow me to grow my knowledge and expertise to maximize both myself and my employment."
2022 Recipients
Ruby Church
Cert III Animal Studies.
June 2023 Update: Has now completed Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.  "Thanks for the scholarship.  It really helped and made my studying a lot easier".
Lilly Perkins
Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management at Longerenong College.
June 2023 Update: Continuing studies.  "I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in cropping and agribusiness and completing my Diploma.".
2021 Recipient
Maya Jones
Bachelor of Zoology and Animal Science at Deakin University.
Jun 2023 Update: Maya is continuing her studies - one year to go.  "Please pass my great thanks onto Andrew Jack committee for deciding to, once again, award me with the scholarship.  I was extremely elated to receive the funds and feel privileged to be part of it for this year."
2020 Recipient
Madison Medhurst
Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness Management at Longernong College.
Dec 2020 Update: Madison is taking a break from her studies.
2019 Recipients
Connor Kelly
Bachelor of Ag. (Animal Science) - Charles Sturt Uni
"l am passionate about the beef farming industry, having worked and been brought up in it and aim to expand my knowledge in the area by studying animal science."
Jan 2022 Update: Connor is continuing his studies.
Brianna Spratling
Bachelor or Agriculture - University of New England
"1 have grown up on a farm in rural Victoria where my family grows fat lambs, merinos and Angus cattle. I have therefore developed a keen interest in pursuing a career in the Agricultural field."
Dec 2020 Update: Brianna is successfully continuing her studies but has not sought funds for 2021.
2018 Recipients
Laura Millard
Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness Management at Longernong College. 
Laura and has lived on a farm all her life and would like to pursue a career in farming.
Jan 2021 Update: Successfully completed - congratulations.
Jacob Wilson
Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness  Management at Longernong College.
He has completed a RIST program in year 10 and has completed VCE Agriculture and Horticulture over the past two years.
2019 Update: Jacob is taking a break from his studies.
Emily Johnstone
Certificate 3 in Agriculture RIST - 2 years
Born and raised on the family farm at Cashmore, Emily worked on a dairy farm during years 11 & 12 and worked casual with Elders in Hamilton in the saleyards on sale days. Currently working at SurryLea Dairy Farm
Feb 2020 update: Successfully completed - congratulations.
"The course has been really enjoyable, I have learnt so much throughout the 2 years which I will be able to use on my own farm one day.”
2017 Recipients
Liam Price
Bachelor of Agricultural Science Lincoln University New Zealand - 3.5 years
2019 Update: Liam is taking a break from his studies.
Roberta Davidson
Bachelor of Applied Biology majoring in Genetics - 4 years
Jan 2021 Update: Successfully completed - congratulations. Now going on to a Masters.
Katelyn McPherson
Advance Diploma of Agriculture Diploma of Agronomy Longernong College — 2 years
"Thank you so much for all the support from the organisation over the last two years."
2019 Update: Successfully completed - congratulations.
Rachael Roberts
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Hydrology Flinders University - 4 years
Dec 2020 Update: Successfully completed - congratulations. Has job as Graduate Hydrologist in Perth
2016 Recipients
Rachel Alexander
is completing a 6 year course part time - Bachelor of Rural Science at the University of New England. She is studying part and working full time and needs help with the travel/flights and accommodation as she attends three times a year for intensive schooling. Rachel has her own Belted Galloway Stud — Windon Park Belted Galloway Stud. A winner of the Women in Business Regional Development Award as the Young Business Woman of the year 2015. Rural Industries Skills Training Trainee Excellence Award — 2014.\
Dec 20 Update:  Rachel is successfully continuing her studies, but has not requested additional funding.
Clair Haby
Longerenong Agricultural College - Advanced Diploma of Agriculture. 
The duration of this course it two years. Clair is from a family farm that runs sheep. She is interested in sheep and sheep genetics and is excited about attending Longerenong College to focus on agriculture. Having the scholarship will make it easier for her to focus on her studies as she will be living away from home with the extra added expense of accommodation books etc
Successfully completed - congratulations.
Davoc Collins
has also been awarded a scholarship and Davoc has chosen to take a gap year and will continue to work part time and on the family farm. Davoc also lives on the family farm which produces potatoes and beef cattle. He is interested in the science of food production and land management. Davoc's course will be a three course in Agricultural science at La Trobe University. He enjoys working with machinery and the technology involved in food production. The scholarship will assist with his course fees.
Feb 2020 Update:   Davoc is continuing his studies.
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