Our Environment

Protecting our environment has become Rotary's 7th area of Focus. Areas of Focus are categories of service activities supported by Global Grants, and global communities.
    It joins Rotary's original 6 areas of focus, which are:
    • Peace building and Conflict Prevention
    • Disease Prevention and Treatment
    • Water sanitation, and Hygiene
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Basic Education and Literacy
    • Community Economic Development
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    Support our sayNO2familyviolence shark pitch initiative

    United Way Glenelg together with our partners AWA Alliance Bank and Powerhouse Productions is proud to present SharkPitch, a spectacular live crowdfunding event where we will connect people who want to make a change with people who are doing it!
    This spectacular event will support three local community organisations that will pitch their idea to a live audience for both financial and in-kind support of their program. Our emcee, Neil O’Donnell will engage with the audience to pledge funds, to raise over $10,000 per organisation. Thanks to our partnership with AWA Alliance Bank for this event your donation will be matched so you can have twice the impact.
    The sayNO2familyviolence committee from Portland in the Glenelg shire of Victoria, are breaking new ground with their schools collaborative, trying to raise funds for much needed presentations on a preventative family violence initiative.
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